Bump MAker

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Create bump sequences with an ease!


BumpMAker is a special overlay that supports your bump workflow – based on grandMA3 recipes.

Step 1

Choose your fixtures by selecting groups.

Step 2

Set your cue values with presets.

Step 3

Play with timing and MAtricks settings to create unique looks.

Step 4

Assign your created sequence by simply pressing an executor.

1 review for Bump MAker

  1. Valentin Brux

    Great Timesaver!
    Create effortless 2 step bumps, build as recipe. You can select 8 presets from all your preset pools to be then assigned to one or both cues, set MAtricks or choose MATricks preset for both cues and set the timings between the cues as well as for the off-cue. To be able to test the bump at any time makes it even better so you can set all timings as needed, test between the changes and then assign it to an exec. As said then stores as a recipe. Nothing to use while busking but great tool doing programming.

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