In our online shop, Add-On-Desk, which exclusively offers digital products for the event industry, excellent service is of paramount importance. We understand that customer satisfaction is essential for building long-term relationships and ensuring the success of our business.

Our service begins with the registration of vendors, who undergo careful scrutiny to ensure the quality and originality of the products offered. After successful approval, vendors can set up their own shops and showcase their digital products on our platform. We assist them at every step to ensure a smooth experience.

For our customers, we provide a user-friendly platform where they can easily find and purchase the desired digital products. We promptly inform vendors of every sale and ensure seamless transaction processing.

Through outstanding customer service, clear communication, and swift support, we aim not only to ensure the satisfaction of our customers but also to strengthen trust in our online shop. Ultimately, our top priority is to make customers feel well taken care of and eager to return.