About us

This platform was designed to bring providers and users of small digital products together in a networked community.

Which is good for the Vendors…

The World Wide Web is full of talented programmers with innovative ideas and first-class digital products such as plugins, macros and other creations. But in the dense online jungle, it is often a challenge to target these products to the right audience.
This is where Add-On Desk steps in to take on a variety of essential tasks. We not only enable providers to present themselves professionally on the market, supported by a sophisticated marketing concept, but also take the administrative hurdles off their hands. From implementing secure payment systems and seamless integration with financial accounting to taking into account tax settlements in 128 countries, Add-On Desk ensures that these innovative minds can present their digital treasures effortlessly and successfully.

… is good for customers.

Our platform provides the community with a wide range of free products shared by talented programmers from all over the world. When a developer has invested their precious time and creative energy into a product, it is legitimate to receive financial recognition for it. An invaluable benefit for our users is our integrated rating system, which enables direct quality control. Thanks to this function, products can be rated, feedback can be given to the developers and thus quality can be continuously improved. This promotes continuous improvement and innovation on our platform.