Fixture Fix

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A powerful software for fixtures libraires, it avoid losing data when you replace fixtures types in your patch!

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Fixture Fix is a software made to avoid losing data when replacing fixture libraries on GrandMa software

The full version allow you to:

  • Use unlimited amount of tabs to prepare all fixtures in your show
  • Select unlimited amount of attributes
  • Save what you prepare in a file and reuse it for the next show
  • Buying me a good beer for development time

Compare fixtures and see which attributes matches, and which doesn’t
Select attributes that you use in your show to add virtual attributes to the destination fixture

Easily see attributes states:

  • Green : Attributes matches!
  • Orange : Attributes don’t matches (all data on this attributes will be loosed after replace)
  • Blue : Attributes selected and added as virtual attribute to target fixture
  • Yellow : Attributes replaced by another one

Replace attributes in target fixture to match your needs

Prepare all sources fixtures in your show in different tabs and save it project for the next show

Export fixtures directly in Ma2 library or somewhere else.

Large export options are available notably for Manufacturer and Fixture names

Import your fixed fixture in your show and replace your fixtures without losing data!

The software work with GrandMa 2 XML librairies for now, I’m working on the GDTF support for the next update.

Grand Ma 3 users can use Fixture Fix as well by converting Ma2 libraries with the method described on ACT Lighting website

See how it works on Youtube :



The software only accepts XML files, so native MA library files (.xmlp) won’t work, but you can convert xmlp with MA2 software, just import fixture in your Fixture type menu and export it, the xml file will be exported in:

C:\ProgramData\MA Lighting Technologies\grandma\gma2_V_x.x.x\library

Also, sometimes libraries downloaded from Fixture Share can’t be imported in Fixture Fix because of xml formatting, if so, just import in MA2 software and export it, the new xml would be readable by Fixture Fix!


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