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MA3 Plugins Program Kit para Visual Studio Code

Boost your program speed with this Program Kit
This pack consists of 2 tools that will make programming plugins with Visual Studio Code much easier.

RunLua is a plugin that runs your Lua Code directly form Visual Studio Code into the MA3 onPC.
The transparent feel makes you work with VSC as if it were an internal editor.
You can forget about copying your code every time you want to check it.
Just make your changes inside VSC and run it again.

Version 1.2 also offers the option to load your Lua files into the plugins pool and run them from there.
This allows you to run it several times without reload or to export it to XML.
It also helps with some API functions that not execute as an external file.

GMA3_APIdummy is an extensive Lua file that holds dummies for all the GMA3 API functions.
With this file in your Lua folder, Visual Studios Auto Complete function will recognize these functions.
This will prevent typos and speed up your programming

Not tested with onPC for Mac.


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aart iluminacion

A_art iluminación is creating plugins for MA2 and MA3 consoles since 2020. Many new plugins are in process of developping. On-demand plugins are also available.

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