GrandMA3 Store As Recipe Plugin v2.0

by Gaphux

19,90  excl. Tax

Store a Recipe Cue like an normal Cue


The new Version 2.0 from the StoreAsRecipe Plugin, we are Ready for GrandMA3 Version 2.0.

Only Working with GrandMA3 Version 2.0

A howto video will follow soon.

To Store Recipe like a normal Cue.

Select your Group, the needed Presets and mabe MAtricks (PoolItem or in Editor) then hit the Plugin. Your Recipe Line are now in the ProgrammerPart.
Repeat if you need more in the Cue else Store to an Sequence. Easy!

and one more thing, it is important to mention that this plugin is not related to the MA Lightning company. Except that the GrandMA3 software is used.
It has been programmed using ideas and input from all of you, the community. Thank you all!
and even more important! The plugin only uses the already existing functionalities and optimizes the workflow. It is not somehow active in the background.
It only reads the programmer and assigns the objects and presets to the ProgrammerPart.

-MAgic Preset wont work
-create a Second Cue wont work, Bug from GrandMA3 Software, a third then goes again.
-Generators Pool Assignment wont work

HowTo Import a Plugin

why no longer free?
Well, the donations are getting less and less, but the number of plugin downloads is steadily increasing.
Since the effort for customizations and support is not decreasing, I have decided to no longer offer the plugin for free.


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