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A plugin that find values with no presets in your cues!

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This plugin has been developed to search values in sequences that are not stored with a preset but as hard values.

It will remove all presets and effects in sequences, all remaining values gonna be the hard values, and they will be listed when the plugin terminate.

You can retrieve the results with the command :

Search Attribute * if Sequence *

Your show will be completely destroyed, the plugin will create a backup with the suffix ” – Search Hard Values” but tou have to make your own backups yourself.

The plugin will take a very long time to perform all operation, depending of your presets and sequences amount it can take one hour or more, so launch the plugin and take a break!

You can hide some attributes from results, attributes that are usually stored without preset like Dimmers, by editing removeAttributes field:

local removeAttributes = {"DIM", "DIM2", "DIM3"}

Write attribute name between quotes and separate by comma. You can find the correct name in Setup > Fixture Type > Attribute & Encoder Grouping, take the Library Name in Feature Attributes part:

By default the plugin will remove all stomp and release values, if you want to keep them just change the ignoreStomp and ignoreRelase values to false at the begining of the plugin like that:

local removeStomp = false
local removeRelease = false

Icing of the cake: when the plugin finish, it create a sequence that will put each cue with hard values in the programmer, so you can identify easily what need to be fixed in your show!

I recommend to run the plugin on the OnPC, so you can copy / paste the results in a text file, run the Hard Lookup sequence and take note of what you need to fix!

See how it works on Youtube :


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