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PlugIn Pioneer – Rapid Knobs

In this review, we will explore the testing experience of a plugin designed for grandMA3. Users found the plugin intuitive and easy to use, with comprehensive instructions that made the configuration process clear. Many users were able to familiarize themselves with the plugin quickly, often beginning to work with it even before consulting the manual. The plugin’s interface is self-explanatory, enabling quick and efficient use. Users appreciated the clear overview of how their actions would impact their show, though some desired a confirmation of successful addition. The plugin significantly enhances the versatility of rotary encoders, enabling fast value changes while maintaining precise control. During testing, it exceeded expectations in functionality and demonstrated excellent optimization with no impact on software speed. Users expressed high satisfaction with its performance, noting its practicality and the new opportunities it created within their workflow. Overall, the plugin is highly recommended for its efficiency and flexibility.

Our testing procedure for the plugin spanned over a three-week period, during which experienced programmers utilized and evaluated its functionality. The evaluation was conducted based on predefined, specific parameters, serving as guidelines to ensure a precise and objective analysis of the plugin’s performance. This assessment was considered independent, as it was conducted free from external influences or biases.

Summarized evaluation from Testers

Installation Process and Instructions

The installation process for the plugin was straightforward and intuitive, providing detailed instructions that facilitated a smooth setup experience, even for users unfamiliar with plugin installations.

User Manual

The plugin’s instructional materials effectively elucidated the configuration process, enabling users to seamlessly navigate the grandMA3 plugin environment. Users found it easy to familiarize themselves with grandMA3 plugins, thanks to comprehensive instructions. Some users, like myself, initially installed the plugin and began working with it before consulting the manual, highlighting its user-friendly nature.

User-Friendly Interface

Users appreciated the clear overview of the impact their actions would have on their show, though some desired a confirmation of successful addition. The intuitive user interface made functions self-explanatory, enabling quick and easy use, even without instructions. While generally liking the plugin’s simplicity, some users, without access to a real console, felt uncertain about fully understanding its capabilities.


During my testing period, I encountered no issues with the plugin, exceeding my expectations in functionality. I’m particularly impressed by its potential for future projects. The plugin significantly enhances the versatility of rotary encoders, enabling fast value changes that were previously unattainable. Overall, I found it simple to use and beneficial to my workflow.


The setup process was fast and straightforward, with no discernible impact on the software’s speed, indicating excellent optimization. Users expressed high satisfaction with the plugin’s performance. While no issues were found with the onPC mode.

Value for Moneynce

I would rate this plugin a solid 4/5. It is well-manageable, creates new opportunities within the workflow, and is both excellent and practical.

Conclusion and Personal Opinion

The setup process is a major advantage, offering customization and ease of use. There are no disadvantages, only benefits, such as the flexible use of encoders, including the ability to use just one encoder. Overall, the plugin provides a good experience without any negative aspects. It adds new possibilities within your show, maintaining precise control and rapid acceleration without the need to manually adjust the knob quickly. For those looking to use rotary encoders more efficiently and achieve quick value changes, this plugin is highly recommended.

Our PlugIn Pioneers in Person

Teun van Rooij


my experience with GrandMA3 started about a year ago. Currently I have done several shows running mode 3 without any issues, both smaller venues as bigger ones. As of right now I’m a lighting programmer and operator as well as a laser operator.

In the words of our plug-in pioneer

Hochleiter Eventtechnik

Hochleiter Eventtechnik

Hochleiter Eventtechnik is a full-service partner for professional event solutions. With the grandMA3 system, we have found a very professional tool for lighting design and are more than satisfied with it.

In the words of our plug-in pioneer

k3studio lighting

k3studio lighting

“I am a lighting designer and operator with experience using MA1/2 and MA3 (as a beginner operator). I have my own lighting studio for theatre and live shows in Argentina. In my experience, the control system of MA3 is great and comfortable, but the phaser, unlike in MA2, is easier with practice. I work in a techno production company where I manually operate the shows with MA3, and the idea for the next spectacle is to use NDI for pixel luminaires.”

In the words of our plug-in pioneer

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