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PlugIn Pioneer – multi sequence edit

What the Pioneers say

“Overall, the plugin has several advantages. Its user-friendly interface, with clear and simple menus, makes it easy to navigate and use. The plugin significantly enhances efficiency by allowing the selection and modification of multiple sequences at once, speeding up the workflow. Performance-wise, it met my expectations in terms of speed and reliability, with no encountered issues. “

“Yes, if you find yourself creating a lot of new sequences that require different settings this plugin is an absolute must. “

“I would recommend the plug-in as it is very useful in the event that you create a whole load of sequences and forget some options or simply need to edit options for several sequences when in show. Say you suddenly need to change a master and don’t have a macro written with the specific sequences etc.”

Our testing procedure for the plugin spanned over a three-week period, during which experienced programmers utilized and evaluated its functionality. The evaluation was conducted based on predefined, specific parameters, serving as guidelines to ensure a precise and objective analysis of the plugin’s performance. This assessment was considered independent, as it was conducted free from external influences or biases.

Summarized evaluation

The multi-sequence-edit plugin has received widespread acclaim from users, with many highlighting its user-friendly interface and comprehensive manual. The documentation was praised for its clarity and detail, making the installation process smooth and straightforward, despite a minor error noted by one user. The plugin’s interface was commended for its intuitive design, which facilitated easy navigation and quick mastery of its features. Users particularly appreciated how it enhanced their workflow, making tasks more efficient and contributing to faster operations at the console. Functionality-wise, the plugin’s ability to manage and modify multiple sequences efficiently was a standout feature, significantly boosting productivity. Its editing capabilities for macros and sequences simplified complex tasks without extensive command line input, proving valuable for both seasoned professionals and novices in lighting design. While minor issues like finicky sequence selection were mentioned, these did not detract from the overwhelmingly positive feedback on the plugin’s performance and reliability.

Installation Process and Instructions

The installation process of the Grandma3 plugin was consistently smooth and trouble-free for all users. Each respondent highlighted the ease and quickness of the installation, with no issues encountered and clear documentation provided if needed. Overall, the process was straightforward, with successful installations achieved in a matter of minutes.

User Manual

The manual for the Grandma3 plugin was highly praised for its helpfulness and clarity. Users found it comprehensive, easy to read, and beneficial for quickly understanding and using the plugin. Although one user noted a minor error, the manual’s illustrations and detailed instructions made the installation process straightforward.

User-Friendly Interface

The feedback on the Grandma3 plugin’s user interface was predominantly positive. Users appreciated its straightforward layout, which facilitated easy navigation and quick familiarity with the plugin’s features. They particularly liked how the interface enhanced their workflow, making tasks more efficient and contributing to faster operation at the console. Overall, the interface was praised for its clarity and effective design, contributing positively to their experience with the plugin.


Users overwhelmingly praised the Grandma3 plugin for its exceptional functionality and positive impact on their workflow. They highlighted its ability to efficiently manage and modify multiple sequences, which significantly enhanced productivity and saved time during show preparation. The plugin’s editing capabilities for macros and sequences were particularly valued for simplifying complex tasks without requiring extensive command line input. Overall, users found the plugin to be intuitive and effective in facilitating their creative processes, making it a valuable tool for both experienced professionals and those new to lighting design.


Users generally had positive experiences with the performance of the Grandma3 plugin, noting its efficiency and speed in handling sequence management tasks. Most users felt that the plugin met or exceeded their expectations, particularly in terms of enhancing workflow and ease of use. While some minor issues were mentioned, such as finicky sequence selection or displaying unoccupied sequences, these did not significantly detract from the overall positive feedback regarding the plugin’s performance and reliability.

Conclusion and Personal Opinion

Overall, the Grandma3 plugin garnered positive reviews from users, highlighting several key advantages. Firstly, its user-friendly interface received high praise for its clear menus and intuitive design, which facilitated easy navigation and quick adaptation for users. The ability to select and modify multiple sequences simultaneously was cited as a major benefit, significantly boosting efficiency and streamlining workflow processes. Users appreciated the plugin’s performance, noting it met expectations in terms of speed and reliability, without encountering any notable issues during use.

Recommendations were overwhelmingly positive, with users endorsing the plugin for its ability to enhance lighting programming experiences. They emphasized its usefulness for creating and editing sequences efficiently, particularly in scenarios where quick adjustments or bulk changes are necessary during live shows. Despite minor drawbacks mentioned by some users, such as finicky sequence selection or unimplemented functions like changing handles, the overall consensus was that the plugin’s benefits outweighed these concerns. Users concluded that the Grandma3 plugin is a valuable addition for lighting professionals and recommended it especially to those who frequently build shows from scratch or need to manage extensive sequence configurations effectively.

Our PlugIn Pioneers

My experience with GrandMA3 started a year ago. Currently I have done several shows running mode 3 without any issues, both smaller venues as bigger ones. As of right now I’m a lighting programmer and operator as well as a laser operator.

In the words of our plug-in pioneer

Hello, I’m a student passionate about programming. I have been exploring lighting programming since I was young and developed a passion for it. I have experience with the Grandma3 lighting console, working on small projects and learning its features through online tutorials and practice. While I don’t currently have a job in the lighting industry, I am actively enhancing my skills and knowledge in this field.

In the words of our plug-in pioneer

I’m a freelance lighting designer, programmer, and directly. I’ve programmed numerous shows of different kinds on MA3 all throughout the country, mainly in NYC. Getting ready to go on an arena tour with MA3.

In the words of our plug-in pioneer

I have been working as a lighting technician for 4 years, 2 of them with Grandma3. I mostly work with Grandma3 on industry jobs and at concerts.

In the words of our plug-in pioneer


I’m a self-thought MA3 programmer doing shows for a company that sells LED bracelets. I run multiple shows a year but I also rely on MA3 to test the product for the company. 

In the words of our plug-in pioneer


I’m a South African lighting designer/programmer and operator with experience in the live music world. I have been on the MA2 platform since the age of 14 and started the move to MA3 this year. 

In the words of our plug-in pioneer

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  1. Multi Sequence edit is an incredibly helpful feature for the Punting LD inside of us all. The ability to synchronize many sequences settings all at one time with a nice interface is a feature I’ve been dreaming of since MA2. Spectacular plugin that has become an integral part of my work flow in no time.

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