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A plugin with different functionalities to manage fixtures offsets!

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Easy Offset is a plugin with different functionalities to manage fixtures offsets, it come with different customs macros to use the plugins:

Offsets with direct Increment

The firsts Macros is to increase or decrease Pan and Tilt Value for selected fixtures.

It work similar to the macros that you can find in the predefined macros.
The differences is that with predefinied macros, you always have to start from 0 between fixtures, because it work variables that dont care about existing fixtures offsets

In example:
Fixture 1 has a pan offset of +1.5
You need to add 0.5,
You have to use the “Offset Prepare Pan” Macro to set variable to 0
And after that use “Off Pan +0.5”, now the fixture offset is 0.5
So you have to use the macro four times to get +2…

With the Easy Offsets macros, the plugin get the actual offset for each selected fixtures and add the offset increment, so it’s very handy and faster than the old macros:

It’s very useful in live if floor lights are shifted or something!

Offset with presets

This functionality take a reference preset, like “Home” or “Lead”, and an offset preset of the reference, and calculate the difference for each fixture and update in the patch.

At the end, the plugin ask you if you want to update the offset preset, it can be smart if you reuse the plugin after with same preset and fixtures.

You can do it for Pan and Tilt at once, but sometimes it’s better to use different presets for Pan and Tilt.

This part of the plugin is very useful to offset large amount of fixtures quickly and reduce focus time!

Reset offset

Finally, these three macros simply set offsets of selected fixtures to 0

See how it works on Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=woPOIAVb5ok


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